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When is it Time to Rebrand?

This is a question we actually get asked a lot, and so we are going review some of the indicators that you can use when considering if it’s time for a rebrand. Yes, brands age, just like people. This is probably most obvious where the marketplace gets oversaturarted with one style and once the trend is over your brand looks old and tired. But it also happens in more subtle ways as the market changes or your business grows and evolves. If you no longer feel that your brand represents your company well, it’s probably time for a rebrand.

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Why is Branding So Freakin’ Expensive?

Today we’re going to unpack why design is so expensive, specifically logos, branding, and identity design. This is something that many businesses ask us about, and the numbers can feel arbitrary. Here we will discuss a couple of high-level things to consider when selecting a design agency and how those affect your overall cost. How experienced is the team that you’re working with? What deliverables are they going to create for you? And what is your risk tolerance?

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What You Need Before You Start a Packaging Project

Before you even get into the design of the packaging, there are a few things that we highly recommend that all of our clients have before we start working on the packing design. Finalize the number of SKUs you need to launch. The first thing we recommend is to finalize all of the SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit, a single product at as specific size) you would like for your launch. If you’re thinking about adding or removing product SKUs

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Should You Trademark Your Brand?

Before we dive into the content, a little disclaimer: I am not a lawyer; I’m a graphic designer! All the information I will share comes from years of experience working with clients and trademark lawyers. We would recommend that you crosscheck any information with a lawyer. Should you trademark or copyright your brand? Let me ask you this, if you saw someone using your name or a logo that you had created and invested in, would that bother you?

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How to Find the Right Printer for Your Packaging

So, let’s say that you have narrowed in on the type of packaging that you want to use for your product line. If you want to use a pouch, a label, whatever it is, now you have to find the printer that can produce it. Often your design agency will help you with this process, but it can be advantageous to research ahead of time. Talk to a printer before you start the design process Before you even start

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How to Find the Right Design Team for Your Project

How to Find the Right Design Team for Your Project This is a topic that we feel is not discussed nearly enough. Designers and agencies are competitive and eager for your business, so very few will outright say if they are a bad fit for your creative needs. We fully believe in designing for the right clients. Here I will discuss a few dos and don’ts of how we align with clients, our recommendations on finding the right design team

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