We wish we had a price list we could send potential clients, but every project we take on is so vastly different from one another. Each project quote we write is equally as diverse as the work we develop. Before we quote any project, we have a conversation with our potential clients to surface their goals and vision for their project. We then put together options for scopes of work and cost to help our clients achieve those goals; this allows potential clients to see the cost associated with their goals.

LOTS of drawing-good old-fashioned pencil and paper drawing! We can’t start designing anything until we sketch out a concept on paper. We always start with a sketch, whether a brand identity or type treatment. For us, stepping away from our computers and spending more time thinking helps us create bold and unique work. 

As a couple that designs together, our process changes based on the project and our current workload. Some clients assume that Jasen does all the branding work, and Katie handles all the project management. But really, it changes on every single project. Katie does more branding work for some projects, and Jasen does the project management. As a couple, we thrive in a truly collaborative environment. We create our best work when we share ideas and push each other. 

You can learn more about our process here.

Before starting any project, we put together a few different scopes of work. Once our clients select a scope, we then deliver against that scope. We will provide you with various files depending on what we do together. For a branding project, you can expect various raster files for web (JPG, PNG, SVG) and vector files (AI and EPS). We also include a brand guide to help you keep your brand consistent beyond our engagement together. For any packaging, publishing, or printed piece, we provide any print-ready file needed for production and a live file for future updates. Of course, please let us know if you have any specific file needs!

Please, email us info about your business and overall needs. All emails go directly to our partners, Katie & Jasen. We will respond with a game plan. Depending on the type of project will dictate how we proceed. We’ll see if we’re a good fit for your needs and walk you through our design process. If you want to dive deeper into our process, you can learn more in our approach section.

Whenever we present scopes of work, we include an estimated timeline for the project. For most branding projects, it takes an average of 10-15 weeks to complete. Packaging projects take much longer; on average, it takes 8-20 weeks. What typically makes packaging engagements take longer is finalizing all the information needed on their packaging: nutritional panel, UPC, health claims, ingredient list, etc. We always recommend our clients work on gathering this information while we build the brand identity.

We’ve been working together for over ten years, and honestly, we have learned each other’s skills and assets and built that into our daily tasks. Jasen is more like Don Draper, the intellectual thinker, the sketcher, the creative. Katie is like Roger Sterling (or more like Joan Harris), who does most of the management and organizing for the studio. We consider ourselves lucky to be married and run a business together. Like any married couple will tell you, there are good and challenging days. We are able to be incredibly honest with one another about our work; we get to share our passion for design and develop our practice collaboratively each day. In the end, we complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses perfectly-which is what any partnership should be.

Never stop learning and be patient! Once you get out of school, it’s easy to get a job and fall into a creative rut. Try always to do personal work and learn from others that create work that inspires you. You never know where that work could lead! Take your time to find your creative voice. We often see students who want to work for themselves right out of school or early in their careers. Our advice is to work for someone you respect and admire for 3-5 years. Get paid to learn our industry and (more importantly) learn how to work with clients. There is an art to negotiating, client presentations, and project management. These are all things best learned from experience.

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